RA+A Leed Gold

Springs Resort and Spa

The Springs Resort and Spa is home to the EcoLuxe Hotel; a 29-room, luxury green-built building designed and constructed and certified to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold standards. LEED is a national building rating system that encourages green building and sustainable development practices through specified criteria.


The classic Victorian exterior and interior design was inspired by a existing successful historical resort within the region. 

The  hotel uses geothermal resources for heating and San Juan River water for cooling. The project is the first hotel in Colorado to receive a LEED Gold Certification. The project earned the design team a 2010 Colorado Sustainable Design Award in the commercial category. 


  • 31% lower energy usage than standard hotels
  • 30% less water usage than standard hotel
  • 75% of construction materials are recycled
  • 174,630 gallons of water per year saved with high-efficiency plumbing.
  • 35% of electricity coming from green sources
  • 100% geothermal heated
  • 100% cooled through river water systems
  • 28% savings on energy costs
  • 286 yards of construction waste has been recycled, rather than taken to the landfill.
  • Low VOC carpets, adhesives and paints for higher interior air quality
  • Lots of natural lighting means less artificial lighting during the day
  • CFL light bulbs that use far less energy and last 5 times longer than incandescent
  • Occupancy Sensors that control the thermostat when a guest is gone to save energy
  • Raw construction materials contain recycled content and come from local sources


  • Architectural design
  • Structural Engineering
  • Landscape
  • Land Planning
  • Master Planning
  • LEED AP Service