RA+A is creating new corporate headquarters for Purgatory Resort from the former Hassle Free Sports building on Main Avenue in Durango, Colorado.

RA+A Pagosa Lake Exterior 1

Pagosa Lakes Project

Purgatory Resort purchased the former Hassle Free Sports building on Main Avenue in Durango, for use as their new corporate headquarters. The project includes the expansion of the 6,000 SF building to 15,000 SF total, and the addition of a third floor.  

The expansion necessitates the installation of helical piers around the existing building to support the additional load of the third floor, plus a complete independent steel structure to support the new floor and roof.

 The completed building will include a new retail/rental shop on the first floor Main Avenue frontage, and office space to house administration, marketing, and finance on the second and third floors.  

The interior spaces were designed to be flexible for users, with open office/gathering areas included to promote collaboration, group meetings, with lounge areas for down time.  The interiors have an industrial motif with exposed ducts and piping.A large rooftop deck with a bar area is also included in the project.  The deck has panoramic views of downtown Durango.

RA+A Pagosa Lake Exterior Entrance

What we did

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