Adam BlakewayArchitectural Draftsman

    In 2016, Adam earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. From the ages of 12 to 16, Adam worked in residential construction as a site hand and framer, and from there his passion and skills grew. Adam is steadily working toward architecture certification and is fascinated with every aspect of architecture.

    Adam spent his college years enthralled with experimentation, theorization, and the application of modern rapid-prototyping technologies in the field of architecture. Working mainly with SLS Printers and CNC Mills, he developed several strategies for integrating 3D-printing into modern masonry construction and developed a series of temporary housing units for populations victimized by natural disaster.

    As a designer, Adam interprets his job as being a great communicator, able to take the beauty that rests only in the eye of the beholder and to spread that message to the ends of the earth through design. Working diligently through his NCARB hours for certification, he is always excited to accept a new challenge and learn anything from anyone.

    Bachelor’s of Science in Architecture
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology