Tyler Cowan

Architectural Draftsperson

As a native kid to the small town of Pagosa, Tyler grew up with the chance to engage in activities that every kid should get the opportunity to do. From small town sports to outdoor activities and being with friends and family, he tried to make the most of growing up.

After graduating school, he didn’t quite know what he wanted to do until he looked back on an older and almost forgotten childhood dream of becoming an architect. He loves to draw, design, build and more so it made sense for him to choose that field of expertise. A hard earned scholarship allowed him to further pursue this passion for the past four years in downtown Denver. There, he developed the skills to embark on an architect’s path to contribute to society and a community that he cares about. The more time he spent in the city, the more he started to appreciate what a small town does for people and more specifically in terms of a career. He started to think of how he could give back in an effort to be part of the further development of a hometown that means a lot to him.


BS in Architecture
University of Colorado Denver



In his free time he enjoys: Playing music (guitar mainly, as well as various other instruments), hunting, skate boarding, snowboarding, wake boarding, hiking, camping, fishing, back country drives and drawing (both pencil/ paper and digital)