Reynolds Ash + Associates

Design Approach + Sustainability

RA + A philosophy of design is that structures in our built environment should be appropriate to their context. This means that structures should be compatible with the natural environment, taking advantage of the natural topography, solar orientation, and existing adjacent land features, maximizing ultimate efficiency. Our focus is increasingly on sustainable design and the use of natural and alternative materials in creating effective, efficient and innovative design solutions. The firm is an advocate of the sensible use of sustainable building materials and technologies, and committed to creating uniquely comfortable living, play and working spaces that place us in harmony with our neighbors, our communities and our environment. Among our employees are two LEED Accredited Professionals who provides LEED consultation and documentation.

RA + A’s projects include three LEED certified buildings, a new Hotel in Pagosa Springs that achieved LEED Gold, the new City Hall/Library for the city of Alamosa that achieved LEED Silver, and most recently, the new City Hall for the City of Cortez, which achieved LEED silver. Green design is incorporated into all of our projects as much as budget allows. We go through the LEED checklist with the client group and determine what items are realistic to incorporate. These include alternative energy features (solar PV, ground-source heat pump systems), low VOC interior finishes, passive solar features, plus many of the site planning items from the LEED checklist (access to public transportation, etc.).

RA+A Collaborative Approach

Team Coordination

RA + A believes that common location and collaboration is the key to a successful project. RA+A will conduct regular project and client team meetings as scheduled throughout the design phases of the project to ensure good communication and coordination between the client, users and all members of the design team. Accurate minutes will be kept and distributed following each meeting, with an on-going list of all required action items.

Project Coordination

RA + A will provide technical coordination of the project between all the design and engineering disciplines throughout the design and construction phase.

Project Methodology

The RA + A team is a true collaborative team and will function as a cohesive unit throughout the project. Our team believes strongly in the concept of participatory design in which we gather together on-site to actively plan and design the project. This process allows us to work together as a team. The process is focused upon balance, so that solutions represent equal input from the architect, our consultants, engineers, owner and other key participants.